Starting A Business

  1. Find a problem or an idea that is not yet perfect: Every business begins with an idea. Ideas don’t come out fully formed but develop as you work on them
  2. Turn that into a product or service: Successful entrepreneurs are good problem solvers. The better you solve a problem, the better chance you stand in getting more clients and growing your business
  3. Show it to a few people and make changes based on feedback: Like they say, “nobody is an island of knowledge”, make research, be open to criticism and then make changes based on your findings and recommendations. Find your target customers and know what they think about your product or service
  4. Find an Investor if you need capital and start to produce your product or render your service: Take a feasibility study and find out how much it will cost you to start up your business at the most basic level, then Source for funds. You can find an Investor, apply for grants or raise funds from other sources for your start-up
  5. Develop a marketing plan to reach your targeted audience: Find a concept that works. Identify your target audience and find the best way to reach them, then employ a good marketing procedure that will place your business as a key player in the crowded market

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