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                      We can effectively manage your hospital’s I.T infrastructure by setting up a system that covers the entirety of the hospital’s medical routine. We will establish a transition from paper to an electronic system in the management of the hospital’s routine. Features to expect include:

  1. Superpower Administrative Module
  2. Out Patient Department (OPD):
  3. Scheduling System
  4. Appointment Mgt. System
  5. Prescription Mgt. System
  6. OPD Billing
  7. In-Patient Department (IPD):
  8. Patient registration/Admission
  9. Bed Management
  10. Investigation report
  11. Patient file management
  12. Pharmacy, OT, Lab Billing Integration
  13. Discharge management
  14. Hospital Activity Management (HAM):
  15. Representative Data Reservation
  16. Patients’ case study
  17. Easy invoicing
  18. Reporting system (birth/death/operation/lab report etc)
  19. Human Resource Management (HRM):
  20. Doctor management system
  21. Nurse management system
  22. Laboratorial profile management
  23. Other employee profile management
  24. Lab & Pharmacy Management System:
  25. Laboratory management
  26. Pharmacy management
  27. Hospital Information System (HIS):
  28. SMS/E-mail notification
  29. Message
  30. Noticeboard

Benefits of this system:

  • Centralized Controlling: The system operates all works under a command chain; from the Admin to the last person in the hierarchy. The Admin oversees the entire work flow in the command chain
  • Intangible Handling: The software can be managed and accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Ensure the Best Medicare: The users can provide the best service to patient from admission to discharge.
  • Accumulative Services: The system covers the entirety of the hospital’s routine; Medical, financial, administrative etc.
  • Maximization of profit: The system minimizes operational costs thereby maximizing profits.
  • Track every single information: The system tracks the entire journey of each patient from appointment booking to medical emergencies
  • Patients’ Database System: The system provides a database for patient’s medical history/allergies etc.

N.B: There’s also provision for Mobile App to access the system on the go. Available for android devices

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