We are a team of highly skilled experts with cross-functional and cross-industry experience. Over time we’ve proffered I.T solutions to businesses. We’ve also mastered the art of designs (Graphic Art), as well as online advertising/ promotions. We try to understand the business needs of our clients and proffer solutions to them. Our range of professional services include;

Web Design/Development

An outstanding on-line presence is a necessity for any business to compete favorably and succeed in a 21st century society. Here we try to understand our client’s business goal, then engineer a website with stunning graphics utilizing a good UI/UX design that will convert random site visitors into paying customers

Graphic Design

Art the say, is a means of self expression. At Whitestar media, we utilize the language of art for business that employ vision persuasion in relating with customers. With our fine blend of design softwares, knowledge and expertise, we create all kinds of designs; banners, posters, flyers, stickers, business cards, complimentary slips, calendars etc. We also edit and design photos as well as create electronic photo albums.

Mobile App Development

Take your business with you. Monitor your business on the go with unique mobile apps. Connect to customers and sell your products and services from wherever you are. At Whitestar media, we design mobile apps for different kinds of businesses so that wherever you are, there will your business be.

Video Editing

We also have hands on video editing. Here we utilize relevant softwares to create stunning videos with high quality effects and graphics.

Online Adverts/Promotion

Tell the world that you exist. At Whitestar Media, we put your business on the spotlight by employing good marketing procedure using on-line campaigns on our various media channels. We present your goods and services to potential customers in a very appealing way